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Play as bandit faction,

Start with hideout and some raiders/thugs.

Multiple Hideouts can be settle with gold and materials. Hideouts are like villages with tavern market and only a few FREE recruits.

With fame, more and better recruits come to join you. Hideouts can be upgrated with forge/healers/Taxidermist/Defensive wall/barracks.
Barracks allow you to let MORE soldiers in the hideout to protect it. If you main party is destroyed you can recover by setting up a new party made with stationned troop of one of your hideouts.

Of course bandit faction is not liked by everyone. Hideout can be found and assaulted by all others factions specialy if hideouts are too close from settlements or if you are famous or very agressiv.

Travelers can come to give you quests and if you are famous and “neutral” noblemen/citystate factions can also give “unoffical” missions (settle hidout in enemy territory/raid farm, city, caravans, villagers,…)

Finnaly well upgraded hideout can sometimes pop friendly parties that roam and raid just like other bandits making a small fame, gold and anger income.

As faction leader, you command in the main party fights and in the hideouts defense.