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    Very good idea, multiplayer will be really big game improoving but also big step for popularisation this brand. If I understand correct, autor want to see PVP like arena where both players have similar starting army and eqipment.

    Reasonable idea create a separate field without global map. Will be enough citadel screen with all buildings, tavern with 30+ peoples and some starting money for normal eqip (10-30-50K gold). And joining throw arena to other player. Also recruit’s settings could be changable from 1 lvl to 11 lvl with eqivalent money options.

    I think multiplayer in this tactical game will be very interesting for old players and for new gamer too.
    You have good AI, but PvP game always more interesting then PvE.
    Thanks in advance!


    I apologize in advance for my English

    I have a suggestion about this.

    /add Cavalry unit and Perk

    NEW PERK < CAVALRY > (unlock at tier 5)
    This perk allows the character to ride a Warhorse.
    Mounted characters gain an additional 100% movement (as Goblin Wolfrider)
    and reduce Fatigue costs for movement by 50%
    and The Fatigue penalty from wearing armor and helmet is reduced by 20%. (= 50% with Brawny perk )

    Mounted characters gain an additional 15% melee weapon’s hithead chance
    (but decreases leg’s injuries chance)

    Mounted characters gain an additional 10% range weapon’s hit chance when shooting at a target that has no clear line of fire

    Mounted characters will lowers 30% opponent’s hithead chance (based on Cavalier’s melee and range skill)

    ( Passive : Moving Target ) After moving without entering Zone of Control
    Mounted characters will gain an additional 20% Range-Defense ( for 1 turn per action )

    You can dismount or mount your Warhorse anytime ( 6 Action Point and 5 Fatigue costs )

    Mounted characters also decreases his Initiative by 10% and Base Melee-Defense by 30% .

    You cannot control your Warhorse if the Cavalier Died
    ( Warhorse will almost always run away from battlefield)

    You cannot Rotate to Mounted character

    Mounted characters cannot use Rotate to Any characters

    You cannot use Shield’s skill while riding

    You cannot use Spearwall while riding

    If you getting hit by Spearwall, Repel, Hook or Couching while riding that will do 50% chance to force you to dismount,
    Inflicts 5-10 Hitpoints damage and stun


    NEW SKILL < STEED CHARGE > while riding a Warhorse ( 4 Action Point and 25 Fatigue costs)

    – Charge will move the Cavalier next to Target and possibly stun them if not repelled
    (has a range of 2 tiles and the height level difference can’t be higher than 1).

    The chance to stun starts at 100% and dealing damage by basic weapon’s skill (first skill)
    (Inflicts +30% melee weapon’s damage )

    and stun chance is reduced by the amount of Melee Defense from shields and Shieldwall.
    and removes Shieldwall, Spearwall, Riposte (doesn’t work if target wasn’t hit by the skill)


    NEW SKILL < COUCHING : self-buff before STEED CHARGE > while riding a Warhorse
    and wielding a Spear or Polearm (Thrusting type) ( 2 Action Point and 15 Fatigue costs)

    – Same animation as Spearwall
    add : Mounted characters gain an additional 70% damage ( Spear )
    add : Mounted characters gain an additional 120% damage ( Polearm Thrusting type )
    add : The chance to knockback starts at 100%
    add : The chance to stagger starts at 100%

    if user wielding Polearm (Thrusting type), Hits 2 targets in a straight line


    – Warhorse can injure as a Dog and pick at the same slot
    – Each type of Warhorses, different of stats (HP, Fatigue, additional buff, etc)
    – Warhorse are Very Expensive


    /add new faction , monster mythology and culture
    FAR-EAST FACTION (pan Feudal Mongol Empire + Chinese + Japanese)

    i knew many people was suggested this content before but pls let me suggest

    i knew their melee weapons (sword as Katana or Dao) or thrusting-polearm ( as Yari ,Ge or Eastern Glaive ) are less effective against western armor
    but their elite-warriors have highly Melee-Skill & Defense , Evasive and Expert in Bow
    some of them have Giant Warrior who wielding a Club call Tetsubo which can compare to 2-handed blunt weapon
    or some heavy Elite Warrior who wielding Eastern’s Polearm weapon [ References from Lu Bu (in romance 3 Kingdoms) , Jiang Jun (in For Honor ) or Khotun Khan (in Ghost of Tsushima) ]

    you can visit their faction by ship who came from lonely island (japanese faction)
    or from the land surrounded by hills and mountains (chinese faction) or tundra area (mongol faction)

    /add new enemy units

    Noble Houses : Irodclad Cavalry
    Pros = frontline Heavy Cavalry ( Knight’s Heavy Armor + Long Lance ( one handed wielding while riding ) + Kite Shield )
    2nd line Heavy Cavalry ( Knight’s Heavy Armor + 1-handed melee weapon + heater shield )
    Cons = no Mounted Archer

    Southern Faction : Balanced Cavalry
    Pros = Cataphract ( Southern’s Heavy Armor + Spear or Polearm + southern’s shield + throw javelin before CHARGE )
    Cons = Weaker version of Eastern Mounted Archer but use same tactics

    Far-East Empire : Supreme Horse-Archer
    Pros = strong Mounted Archer ( Eastern’s Medium Armor + Eastern Composite Bow or Eastern Longbow + Hit and Run or Roaming tactics)
    Cons = Light Cavalry ( Eastern’s Medium Armor + Spear + eastern’s melee weapon)


    I think this feature are more interesting for Noble Houses War, Holy War, or Eastern invasions

    Thanks in advance


    Hello. I was playing manhunters origin and thought about another gameplay use of indebted. I suggest a mamluk background and origin. In this origin player gets man like manhunter but have no crack the wisp action and can’t recrut other than indebted in city. But mamluk brothers causes trainig events for indebted ones, and after lvl7 indebted turns in mamluk with trait named like “Forged in battle”, that gives them some buffs.


    Hello everyone.
    When is the further development of the game planned? a year has passed, but there is no new news, I would like new events, regions, plot.


    Hi! I just want to say first that I’m very glad that I found this game, within a single day I already fell in love with it. This is my suggestion for additions, which is mainly concentrated around the open world aspect (I believe the battles and general contents is already fantastic):

    Map Generation/ Open world additions:
    – Have map seeds which contain a potential for inland seas, archipelagos to the north (maybe icy water allowing traversal), etc. I realise this might be easier said than done though
    – Introduction of rivers – perhaps you could have port towns here as well, so you could traverse more flexibly?
    – I would love to see a new type of settlement: the City. This could be marked with a cathedral as the main building (the historic centres of many European cities).
    – The ability to find hunter cabins, taxidermists, forges, etc in the wilderness/ remote locations. For example, how interesting would it be to for example come across a rare forge within the mountains, that made swords for an ancient order or something. This would reward exploration of the map in areas you wouldnt usually go. Or the same idea for a retired weapon’s master, who has a hidden cabin somewhere in the woods.
    – The ability to loot some minor items from battle sites. These are already in the game, but i think it would be a lot more immersive if you could stumble across some loot here.

    Other additions:
    – Minigames. Or at least one.. I can imagine that after a long, hard-fought battle, the brothers go into a tavern, and play some medieval style game. (Thinking of that dice game from Kingdom Come Deliverance, or similar).

    This is all I can think of now. I realise most of these changes would be very challenging to implement, but there is such an amazing game here, I would love to see it grow even more. Thank you developers!!


    Play as bandit faction,

    Start with hideout and some raiders/thugs.

    Multiple Hideouts can be settle with gold and materials. Hideouts are like villages with tavern market and only a few FREE recruits.

    With fame, more and better recruits come to join you. Hideouts can be upgrated with forge/healers/Taxidermist/Defensive wall/barracks.
    Barracks allow you to let MORE soldiers in the hideout to protect it. If you main party is destroyed you can recover by setting up a new party made with stationned troop of one of your hideouts.

    Of course bandit faction is not liked by everyone. Hideout can be found and assaulted by all others factions specialy if hideouts are too close from settlements or if you are famous or very agressiv.

    Travelers can come to give you quests and if you are famous and “neutral” noblemen/citystate factions can also give “unoffical” missions (settle hidout in enemy territory/raid farm, city, caravans, villagers,…)

    Finnaly well upgraded hideout can sometimes pop friendly parties that roam and raid just like other bandits making a small fame, gold and anger income.

    As faction leader, you command in the main party fights and in the hideouts defense.


    Could you rebalance some perk assignment?
    Initiative builds with the Paranoid trait are broken from the beginning and useless to keep and level up. For example, you get an expansive brother with 3 stars in initiative with low fatigue and Parnoid trait such as Viper. Some natural combinations of stats and traits or backgrounds itself should have more exclusions at least for starting core brothers.



    I’ve played BB for 400 hour so far. Sometimes, I went to reddit to see recommended builds for some characters but most of the times I didn’t learn anything from all the noisy comments suggesting this and that. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to spend tens of hours to asses if the recommended builds work (funny to say that after playing for that long). Eventually, my learning curve plateued and I abandoned the game.

    Recently, I came across a book Noise from Kahneman who, in chapter 10, cites a study [Clinical vs Statistical Prediction from Paul Meehl]( which gave me an idea.

    The study starts with the similar premise as the reddit recommendations. Essentially, some committee assigned points to job applicants and some other group of people tried to judge if those people succeed or not. After a year, the judgments were evaluated revealing that the they are more less garbage.

    I’d like to use Battle Brothers to reproduce a study in the following way:
    – Generate recruits with various stats and backgrounds (you can do that easily)
    – Let people somehow decide if this recruit succeed or not (this will require some kind of front-end enabling interaction)
    – Perform the experiment (That’s open to debate. So far, I can imagine having 12 brothers with pre-defined skills from which we will build enemy team by cloning all 12 of them while “our” will constitute of just 11 of them + the chosen recruit. We can see that the teams are almost identical so we can expect around 50/50 chance of winning but the scales will be slightly tipped by the stats of the evaluated recruit. If we run such situation enough times we will know if this recruit improves the chances or not. I expect to simplify various aspect of the experiment to reduce complexity.)
    – Measure the results to see if the study reproduces in this environment.

    I would like to participate only as a hobbyist. Maybe we can write some paper on this topic… But for you, if productionalized properly, you can use it to community-building feature to kickstart different kind of discussion and/or create an in-game feature that will allow players to evaluate the recruit (this is far beyond the scope of this experiment I believe).

    I understand if this is not interesting. However, if your are at least a bit interested, I’d like to get in touch and discuss the possibilities how could I help you to pull this through – I understand data and I am skilled SW engineer so maybe I could do the hard work.

    Should you be interested, please let me know.


    Please, add information about numbers of enemies in arena fights. It’s unfair to fight for a prize blindly vs unknown monsters without opportunity to retreat and prepare for a next fight. No possibility to change weapon, just blind event with a massacre fight. How is it even possible to understand if a fight is winnable or not, because you easealy lose 5 best men in it.


    Quality of life suggestions:

    Sort inventory by value.
    Mark item for unsellable – to prevent accidental sell of saved item
    Save formations


    about morale. the higher the level / time spent in the squad by a character in the squad, the higher the loss of morale remaining at his death.after all, if a newbie sees that an experienced one has been killed, he will think that the opponents are strong

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