Reply To: XP for Oath of Distinction Bugged (?)

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I can confirm Oath of Distinction is not working as intended.

I recently had a fight with the young Oathtaker against 5 Nomad Cutthroats. I have 3 brothers in the roster but only the young Oathtaker on the field while the other 2 are held back in reserve (those two are definitely not in the battle). This lone Oathtaker on the field should have been awarded 750 XP + 40% XP as the Oath details, for a whopping 1050 XP, however he received 175 XP (no allies or dogs).

I think the issue seems to stem from brothers in reserve *maybe* being counted as if they were constantly on the field for the Oath/Ambition. If we employ math and check wiki for full experience counts, each Nomad Cutthroat generates 150 XP multiplied by five for 750 XP. If we divide by 3 for total people in roster we get 250 XP. How we arrive at 175 XP is a mystery, maybe the +40% is inverted to -40% for 150 XP and the last +25 XP is for kill shots.

I don’t know, I’m not a math guy, but you don’t need to be a math guy to see that something is really, really wrong here. I will be pausing my playthrough as well since missing 800 XP or more per a fight is a HUGE chunk.

Maybe Oath of Distinction works fine if there is only one guy in the roster, but devs please, please fix this.