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    Avatar photoCregor

    Oath of Distinction is supposed to increase XP gained by 40% (with caveats), but the actual XP gained by bros with this Oath is horribly low.
    Low enough that I have halted my Oathtaker campaign until it is fixed. (Probably should just back up half a dozen saves and choose a different Oath, but whatever.)

    4 bros: the 2 initial Oathtakers + 2 ordinary bros for padding
    2 fights under Oath of Distinction:
    #1 against 5 baby Nomads (Cutthroats?) … only 196 COMBINED xp earned by my company. OUCH!
    #2 against 5 Raiders + 2 Thugs … 398 combined xp (seems low, but maybe that’s legit???) but one of my bros who got no killing blows received ZERO xp. Obviously I’ve never seen that before. Either your definitions of “your men” and “allies” (as used in the Oath description) is completely different from mine, or there are calculations being botched here. If this is Working As Intended, I can think of half a dozen different ways your could have described the effects of the Oath that would have been clear.

    Avatar photoJCSato

    Assuming your definition of “allies” is “non-player controlled units” – you already don’t get experience for those kills. It wouldn’t make sense for that to be a stipulation. The XP gain is working as intended (though whether or not it should work that way is another story).

    You should leave your half-dozen suggestions, the devs have incorporated feedback to make things clearer before.

    Avatar photoCregor

    (Had to fire up the game to refresh my memory on the exact wording)
    “Boon – Your men gain 40% more experience.”
    “Burden – Your men gain no experience for allied kills.”

    I agree with what you are saying about xp gain from kills by non-player controlled characters.
    I guess I did neglect to mention that there were no allied peasants/caravan/house troops/etc in the two battles. So I’ll say that now – there weren’t. I didn’t even deploy any wardogs/warhounds because I didn’t know whether or not they counted as allies.

    I also failed to mention that the 2 Oathtakers (Kettilmund and Arne) have the Student Perk for +20%xp. The other two do not. Further, none of the bros was under the effect of a Training Hall xp boost.

    I think the zero xp gained by (zero killing blows) Jahaf in the second fight is the critical clue. I’m now fairly certain that “allied kills” includes all kills made by ANYONE other than the bro in question. This would be strange to my way of looking at things, but could be implemented legit-ly if that’s what the developers were aiming for. But if all xp for a particular kill is being divided up among the bros of your company as normal, and then everyone except the killing-blow-bro has his share reduced to zero … that is NOT okay! A 40% xp boost doesn’t begin to make that a net “boon”.

    Avatar photoJCSato

    Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. You already get 0% XP for NPC kills, so it wouldn’t make sense if that’s what the oath was referring to. XP loss (for other bro’s kills) is the entire downside of the oath, it’s not supposed to be a boon. The +40% XP gain is just to offset the loss so you can continue to level bros who get a lot of kills.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    I can confirm Oath of Distinction is not working as intended.

    I recently had a fight with the young Oathtaker against 5 Nomad Cutthroats. I have 3 brothers in the roster but only the young Oathtaker on the field while the other 2 are held back in reserve (those two are definitely not in the battle). This lone Oathtaker on the field should have been awarded 750 XP + 40% XP as the Oath details, for a whopping 1050 XP, however he received 175 XP (no allies or dogs).

    I think the issue seems to stem from brothers in reserve *maybe* being counted as if they were constantly on the field for the Oath/Ambition. If we employ math and check wiki for full experience counts, each Nomad Cutthroat generates 150 XP multiplied by five for 750 XP. If we divide by 3 for total people in roster we get 250 XP. How we arrive at 175 XP is a mystery, maybe the +40% is inverted to -40% for 150 XP and the last +25 XP is for kill shots.

    I don’t know, I’m not a math guy, but you don’t need to be a math guy to see that something is really, really wrong here. I will be pausing my playthrough as well since missing 800 XP or more per a fight is a HUGE chunk.

    Maybe Oath of Distinction works fine if there is only one guy in the roster, but devs please, please fix this.

    Avatar photoRap

    The +40% XP gain may be misleading in its wording and should perhaps be changed, but as JCSato said, it’s working as intended in that it helps to offset XP otherwise shared with other characters. The +40% XP is not actually the boon of the Oath of Distinction – the stat bonus for isolated characters is.

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