Reply To: Retinue: Lookout

Avatar photoEvilpotatoe

I’d probably agree with this, but… as long as we’re just expressing unbacked opinions, I see no reason for OverHype to pay any attention to it.

Maybe a full retinue review (including sourced bilbiography, like CarveAHole, FilthyRobot & other “influencers” tier lists, hot Reddit/Forum discussions, etc.) about what is useful and what isn’t would look a bit more worth it ?

Yeah, it’s much more work than a simple post (an doesn’t offer any guaranteed result), but I assume it would get the success chance over 0% :)

E.g. I just Youtubed’d a random tier list from “FeedingFriendly”, and he does rate the cook as D tier while scavenger goes S.
And there’s even people defending the alchemist !

Shouldn’t we focus on boosting like, the minstrel/trader or negotiator first ? Or nerfing the scout ?
(=> just noticed Negotiator seems to have been buffed with OFAF, taking the faction relation skill from the Agent. Might be useful for Deserters/Northern Raiders now, I guess)