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    I have at some point mentioned this somewhere and maybe someone has taken it up, but I have a minor suggestion regarding the retinue member: Lookout.

    After playing around with the different origins I noticed that the Band of Poachers are incredibly good. They have two extremely good benefits:

    1) The movement speed.
    2) The detailed pre-battle report.

    Now, other origins can benefit from a similar movement speed by hiring a Scout retinue member. However, no other origin can get the guaranteed report. Information is power. Knowing what you will face is incredibly useful especially early on, that way you can decide what outposts you can attack and which to avoid.

    My suggestion is the following:

    Add the similar report function to the Lookout retinue member. At the moment I think she’s kind of lack-luster but *this* would make her a top contender, equal in value to the scout.

    Just a thought.

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    I’d probably agree with this, but… as long as we’re just expressing unbacked opinions, I see no reason for OverHype to pay any attention to it.

    Maybe a full retinue review (including sourced bilbiography, like CarveAHole, FilthyRobot & other “influencers” tier lists, hot Reddit/Forum discussions, etc.) about what is useful and what isn’t would look a bit more worth it ?

    Yeah, it’s much more work than a simple post (an doesn’t offer any guaranteed result), but I assume it would get the success chance over 0% :)

    E.g. I just Youtubed’d a random tier list from “FeedingFriendly”, and he does rate the cook as D tier while scavenger goes S.
    And there’s even people defending the alchemist !

    Shouldn’t we focus on boosting like, the minstrel/trader or negotiator first ? Or nerfing the scout ?
    (=> just noticed Negotiator seems to have been buffed with OFAF, taking the faction relation skill from the Agent. Might be useful for Deserters/Northern Raiders now, I guess)

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