Reply To: 4 sellswords join company through event, causing softlock

Avatar photoEvilpotatoe

Wait, was my solution to OP’s issue just REMOVED ?
For what reason ? Is helping people against the rules ?

I can understand you don’t have time to fix all bugs and give answers to everyone, but are you taking time to remove replies giving solutions (or use some poor automated tool resulting in the same) ?

I’d really like an official answer about this.
What’s the point of a forum if in addition to not replying to your users, you remove responses from people trying to help ?

2023-02-06 Edit : Looks like my post mysteriously reappeared now. It took a long time (I kept the tab open and did regular checks), and I’m sad I got no explaination about it, but at least it’s there now.
Who know, maybe OP will check back to this thread and continue this game someday after all ?!