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    I was in the middle of a contract to defend a town from brigands when I got an event I’ve never seen before. Since I can’t find it anywhere, I’m assuming is new and maybe bug-prone. In the event, a sellsword stranger walks into my tent and, since my company is low on funds, offers to join my company for no starting fee along with his three sellsword companions. I had just purchased a named item and was indeed pretty low on funds, but the idea of being able to pick between a few sellsword recruits and let the rest go sounded great. I knew I had 19 men (out of 20, northern raider origin), but I figured I would at least get one. After accepting, however, the roster count read (23/20) and my inventory could not be opened. I walked around a bit, entered and exited town, but nothing seems to clear the issue. The bug should be easily reproducible if you know the ID of the event.
    A screenshot, dxdiag, log, and zipped save file are all attached. Poking around at the bottom of the log, I see a few “Script Failed”s. If at all possible, I would love to be able to keep playing this ironman save! I’m deeply invested. Thanks!

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    I’m not sure how the forum feels about double posting, sorry about that. I just wanted to upload a text version of the log file. If I can provide anything else please let me know.

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    I might be too late, but I just tried using a mod allowing more bros, and it fixed your issue in a snap.
    (see attached save)

    The mod I used was “18 bros in battle (27 total)”, which you could find easily on nexusmods.
    It’s not the latest of this kind, but worked well, and let me fire the extra bros&saving before removing the mod and launching the game again to continue as if nothing happened.

    If I can give you an advice for your future runs : never tick “Ironman” again. This isn’t needed as long as you chooses not to cheat anyway !

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    Wait, was my solution to OP’s issue just REMOVED ?
    For what reason ? Is helping people against the rules ?

    I can understand you don’t have time to fix all bugs and give answers to everyone, but are you taking time to remove replies giving solutions (or use some poor automated tool resulting in the same) ?

    I’d really like an official answer about this.
    What’s the point of a forum if in addition to not replying to your users, you remove responses from people trying to help ?

    2023-02-06 Edit : Looks like my post mysteriously reappeared now. It took a long time (I kept the tab open and did regular checks), and I’m sad I got no explaination about it, but at least it’s there now.
    Who know, maybe OP will check back to this thread and continue this game someday after all ?!

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