Topic: 4 sellswords join company through event, causing softlock

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    I was in the middle of a contract to defend a town from brigands when I got an event I’ve never seen before. Since I can’t find it anywhere, I’m assuming is new and maybe bug-prone. In the event, a sellsword stranger walks into my tent and, since my company is low on funds, offers to join my company for no starting fee along with his three sellsword companions. I had just purchased a named item and was indeed pretty low on funds, but the idea of being able to pick between a few sellsword recruits and let the rest go sounded great. I knew I had 19 men (out of 20, northern raider origin), but I figured I would at least get one. After accepting, however, the roster count read (23/20) and my inventory could not be opened. I walked around a bit, entered and exited town, but nothing seems to clear the issue. The bug should be easily reproducible if you know the ID of the event.
    A screenshot, dxdiag, log, and zipped save file are all attached. Poking around at the bottom of the log, I see a few “Script Failed”s. If at all possible, I would love to be able to keep playing this ironman save! I’m deeply invested. Thanks!


    I’m not sure how the forum feels about double posting, sorry about that. I just wanted to upload a text version of the log file. If I can provide anything else please let me know.

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