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I personally have no problem with it, and the latest change seems quite nice making a skill valid on its own. Tho there is something in what you saying Malthus and perhaps the skill should give the free of ap weapon change limited to once per turn. So if you change to a 2h weapon while surrounded to score a multi kill, you will stay with it thru till the next turn when you could switch back to shielded. This would indeed make the decision quite tactical and will have to be done in a clever way, else you simply might end up with a dead brother while all the surronding enemy chops him in small pieces while he’s with that 2h. This I belive would both stay true to the game and still be an improvement to the skill.

Almost forgot to mention about this skill more,

Rally the Troops: My band leader has a 74 resolve. He is an archer and as I wrote it would be better to have it on a melee. After playing a bit I can say that I was wrong. The archer was the better choise. With the area of 5 tiles all I have to do is move him to the perfect spot, since he’s behind my line he is free to move. Now what I did not do when started the topic was to use this skill actively. Wanted to ass later but it slipped my mind so i’m doing it now. You can use the skill every turn. There is no cooldown. But definetely should be. My other archer has the Focus ability from the offense tree. He starts before the leader guy so he’s the one who start the shooting with focus. A rain of arrows is the standart start, now after that using the rally skill removes 74 fatigue of him. He has a max if 150is making him a perfect shot every turn and an arrow rain every 3rd turn. Sure the leader guy does not attack since the skill uses all ap, but hell this is way worth it. Practically it means first turn 1-4 enemy dead, 1 enemy on 2nd turn and 3rd turn, and again 1-4 dead on 4th. Besides him all other brothers may go all in with their abilities since their fatigue is fully refreshed EVERY turn. This skill is OP as O and P can ever be. For a cost of 1 member the other 11 can do whatever they like without thinking about stamina or skill use. You want to do spearwall and shieldwall just for lolz, go for it, next turn you will be 0 fatigue anyway. Definetely needs to be redone and nerfed nerfed nerfed.