Reply To: City / Village / Castle placement on map

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What the guy said.
Map generation currently have more effect on difficulty of game than starting team or difficulty levels.
City in centre but far away from any villages or military outposts.
North connected by road that go all around the place mean that caravans will be cut off quickly and patrols will not reach. Travel times will be long.
Safe area on south protected by Stronghold and Watchtower will be easy to protect but rest are too far away or simply cut off from road grid. Like this village on east in the mountains.
City and stronghold near of each other with river close to the city.
Villages are well connected by roads and protected by Watchtowers. Some villages are more secured(the one in centre) some are in more dangerous locations.
I have saves for both maps on 1st day on hard difficulty. I can post them if anyone want.