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Hey Fallout,
first of all Im glad you like the game so far. It’s just the foundations yet and we have big plans :)
Its always nice to hear that your imagination runs as wild as ours when thinking about how the game could be expanded, the possibilites are literally endless.
1 Premade maps: I agree that they look better and save a lot of work, but the whole game just wouldnt be fun at all if we took out the random generation of the map. The only alternative solution which comes to my mind would be a massive, giant premade worldmap like in Mount and Blade (which by the way looks absolutely horrible :) One of the few downsides of M&B).
2: That wont happen any time soon unfortunately. Although NPC factions already construct things like camps.
3 part 1: I agree that food has to be more important, we have a few measures in mind for more interesting use of provisions.
2 and 3: Real production chains would go a bit too far right now, but we always like to expand our basic economy simulation. Right now its at a state where it basicaly works, but its not that sophisticated.
4: Towns gather ressources already (these determine how many goods are available at what price). My plan is to let towns “grow” visually in several steps on the worldmap according to their ressources. No idea though when we’ll see to this.
4: A reputation system is in the planning. It will be twofold with a “business” reputation and a “moral” reputation. Cant give any more details right now.
5: Not likely to happen soon, but never say never :)

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