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    Hi everyone, thank you for providing us this great game, it’s been my favorite turn-based game right now and I just can not stop playing it.
    And here is my suggestions:
    1. Pre-Made Maps

    If there are premade worldmap, road between towns would be better constructed. And some pre-made decorations such as waterfalls or flowers can be added to certain places to make it looks better. At least the road in the picture above will disappear.
    And save for the combat map, hope there could be some pre-made plain/forest/fortress maps, random generated maps do provide lots of possibility for combat, but they are just not good looking. And I hope there would be some wooden/stone walls if we are attacking the camp/fortress.
    I know these would be time-consuming, and should not be done in the first several steps, but I truly hope it can be done when the game’s finished.

    2. Construable Things on Worldmap

    Hope we can build road, bridge, plant decorative trees or wooden/stone walls(and perhaps gate) on worldmap at great cost.

    3. Economy System

    This will be several parts.

    Part 1: Versatile Food
    Instead of simple “food”, hope there would be “grain”,”fish”,”grape” and so on. Each one has different price and amount of days to eat. Having only one type of main food such as fish or grain and no other edible things as fruits will make your soldiers sick and loss stats in combat. Two types of main food will keep them at a normal moral. More than 2 types of food or with some fruits will boost their combat stats or have a higher starting moral.
    Food can turn bad when not eaten in time, you can still eat these food before it gets completely non-edible, but at a cost of having a chance of being sick for days.

    Part 2: Town Productions
    I noticed that there is a price difference for the same item between towns in the current game, maybe its a signal of incoming trading system? Not sure. If there is, hope it could make each town unique. The town located on plain/next to river will produce lots of grain/fish at low price and the town surrounded by trees can get wood(new item lol, to create bow or other things) easily. And so on. This would be logical and easy to predict the good needs of a town.

    Part 3: Economy system
    This would be big.
    Weapons/armors are not created from no where. Armor requires metals and craftsmen, these metals can be obtained from mines(new place) outside the town, NPC or player can bring them to the town so the craftsmen can use them to make armor(Some chain mails may require more than one material and skilled craftsmen). Once the trading route being cut off by raiders or players(player betrayed the town and become raider :D), the production will pause until everything is fulfilled. Maybe player can book some customized masterpiece one day?
    Skilled craftsmen are highly respected persons, they live a better life as they require fish/grain/luxury/fruits, if they are not satisfied, they will leave. And a town would have skilled craftsmen until it becomes a city. This would be in part 4.

    Part 4: Growing Town
    A town can grow. When provided with abundant food and other stuff, the population of a town can grow. If these things are obtained from trading, it will become commercial city with court and other things; However if they are mostly produced within the city range, it will be an imperial city with a powerful governor.

    4. Politics, Laws and Reputation

    If player robs the caravan or other things, he will be charged by the court. Then the player can bribe someone or provide innocent proofs to get rid of it. Otherwise he will be sentenced guilty, pay lots of crowns or be chased by city guards and of course, lose reputation to all known towns. Law can be modified like changing the trading tax (new feature, small amount of tax will be handed when trading, special connection with high rank officers in imperial city will completely ignores this), allow private owned road construction and so on. If players’ reputation is too low, town guards may hunt him and some merchants may not be willing to trade with him(or asking for a higher price)

    5. Horses

    Hope there will be horses to carry good/ride. A charging knight in plain would be awesome. Also moves faster in worldmap.

    Thats what i can think of right now. Thanks for reading through all these.
    Good day!

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Hey Fallout,
    first of all Im glad you like the game so far. It’s just the foundations yet and we have big plans :)
    Its always nice to hear that your imagination runs as wild as ours when thinking about how the game could be expanded, the possibilites are literally endless.
    1 Premade maps: I agree that they look better and save a lot of work, but the whole game just wouldnt be fun at all if we took out the random generation of the map. The only alternative solution which comes to my mind would be a massive, giant premade worldmap like in Mount and Blade (which by the way looks absolutely horrible :) One of the few downsides of M&B).
    2: That wont happen any time soon unfortunately. Although NPC factions already construct things like camps.
    3 part 1: I agree that food has to be more important, we have a few measures in mind for more interesting use of provisions.
    2 and 3: Real production chains would go a bit too far right now, but we always like to expand our basic economy simulation. Right now its at a state where it basicaly works, but its not that sophisticated.
    4: Towns gather ressources already (these determine how many goods are available at what price). My plan is to let towns “grow” visually in several steps on the worldmap according to their ressources. No idea though when we’ll see to this.
    4: A reputation system is in the planning. It will be twofold with a “business” reputation and a “moral” reputation. Cant give any more details right now.
    5: Not likely to happen soon, but never say never :)

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    Avatar photoFallout

    Thanks for reply, PsenBattle,

    1. Perhaps a map like Heroes of Might and Magic III? With lots of decorative things on the map (like mine, sawmill, church, ferry, walls and so on) Just fell the current map is kind of empty and non versatile.

    3&4. Glad to hear u r working on it!

    5. I was thinking of riding on an elephant someday, just didnt post it! haha

    Avatar photoGOD

    Important to keep in mind is that not all of factions and locations have been introduced yet, so the problem will mostly solve itself as new content gets introduced. Premade maps sound like something for the community to make once the mod tools are released.

    Avatar photoFallout

    6. Tournament

    Maybe we can have some 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 or 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 tournament held in city? The winning prize may be some crowns or a good armor/weapon.To earn this, player has to beat down several well trained and well armored heroes.

    7 . Item Price
    The price of heavy armor and well made weapons are currently too cheap. Hope there is a balance of it on the way.

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