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You’re playing the leader of a company who doesn’t fight with the company. At every other point in the game you get a list of available people to pick from. You can see how they look and their background, just not their extra traits and their stats. Why couldn’t that be done at the start? How would that damage the narrative?

Once again I do agree with GoD. This game should be tight. Yeah sure it would be cool to have a free roaming sandbox where you have no limitations and everything is in it while the world plays itself and you. But that would take a lot larger dev team, a lot more resources, and a lot more time. At the end it would be an absolutely different game. Still I do think that there is place for a customization to a certain degree, where you can perhaps change the appearance and the quantity of the starting brothers, the starting background with considerable limitations, and maybe some equipment. Having all these bound in to a starting point pool. Where the simple start involves random using the whole pool aviable, while the custom could chose between things even making one starting member but perhaps a bit stronger with a better gear. Again, that should not involve the traits. And the player choises should be limited so there will be no hedge knights and swordmasters running around. Tho even that couldn’t be too bad. Needs a lot of though and consideration from the devs. It will determine the whole early game, and might throw off the whole balance making it necessary to rebalance a lot of things.

I do agree that it is nice to see what people you get before naming the group. Also adding more difficulity lvls that will change the starting party power lvl aswell as the gold.

To answer how would it damage the narrative, we need to wait till there will be more seen from the game. At this moment we can see only the very base of the game, without any story, any lore, any events. Just a naked world to build upon. At this moment it could not damage it, but if you read some of the plans the devs already have, and i’m sure even more after they release the roadmap, there will be lots of things the heavy suctomization may or even might not collide.

M&B has some similarities like the world map or the hiring of other fighters to fight alongside you, tho I still consider them entirely different. The difference is that M&B is a FPS, you play as you and have no direct controll over the troops, only throught orders and equipment for hero units, you controll yourself always and everywhere. If not familiar with M&B anyone cab always hit youtube and look. On the other hand, here in BB you aren’t directly represented. To be honest you aren’t a leader of the company per say, but there are no other options to make the player as some sort of a common conscious shared between the band members but as is. However you can make yourself a leader, a member, and fight with your fellow comrades, tho it requires a lil RP. If you wish you can simply make one of the dirty dozen an avatar of yourself who will be there but will do nothing but give the aura effects so to say he will be “commanding” the band.