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Avatar photoSarissofoi

Hey Sarissofoi,
actually the nimble perk working for two-handed weapons was kind of a bug/oversight by us. As it says in the tooltip: 100% melee defense “if the offhand is free” which is not the case when wielding a two handed weapon :)
The intention behind this was making it possible to have viable one handed builds (like the duelist) or add some defense to your tanks in case their shield gets destroyed in the heat of battle.

Yes. I know that. I read perk and thought: Nice I gonna make one guy a Duelist. But then I give him a zwaihander to check if it works(it shouldn’t) and it work!
I can’t resist to not make a Zwaihander Slayers from Hell and below.
Now my greed come and bite me in the ass.
So don’t worry about this.
BTW Is Dodge work as intended? It still use base Initiative instead of current. At last for my save.