Reply To: Current Perk Balance

Avatar photoNewAgeOfPower

Yeah, why post in the perk tree topics, that would be too convenient.

Why so passive aggressive? Why don’t you just say what you mean?

The perk tree topics are to discuss each perk tree, overall. This topic is to discuss what perks you feel are underpowered- a subtle but significant difference.

I only hope you realise that a 100 melee defense is way way more than you actually need.

Nonsense. I had a 117 Melee Defense Swordmaster get killed by an Orc Boss. Admittedly, he was surrounded by 6 Orcs, and the Boss was on higher ground, so the Overwhelmed penalty must have been enormous.

Also, the minimum % hit chance is 5%, I think. Which isn’t a huge deal, unlike the minimum 1% to-hit in Vanilla JA2, due to the lack of rapid fire in this game.