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Nice suggestions!!

– Regions, would be very cool. You could zoom out and the region names could appear in big font! Very nice for those hunt and find missions!!!
– IRONMAN MODE!!! is an absolute must for those that like to embrace the pain. I want this so bad! the urge to save scum is so strong with this one.
– Achievement traits sound sweet. Perhaps have some positive ones and negative ones? What if your one surviving Hugo watched all his companions get cut down, emotional scared for life? Injuries as well! haha ‘Hugo Three Fingers’. My Hagen the Horrid is a total Orc Slayer ;)
– Random events is a thing! See my suggestions in my other thread:
– Ethnical Variety is a planned expansion (as long as the game sells well) – it won’t be in the base game though (not yet)

Your english is very good btw, and yes, this topic needs moving (a mistake I made myself)