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    First I would like to congratulate you guys for the awesome work you are doing since the EA release, with almost daily updates and paying great attention to the community feedback. Having said that, here are some occurrences that came to my mind while playing:

    – Giving randomly generated names to map areas (like in the random maps of Battle for Wesnoth). This would be nice for immersion and lore, besides making contracts objetives more easy to find (instead of “the western plains”, the Plains of Albstadt).
    – An optional Ironman mode with just one save slot. This is something (I think) quite easy to implement and will make us roguelikers very happy.
    – Acquirable Traits through combat accomplishments: for example, killing lots of orcs would grant the “Orc slayer” trait (more damage agaisnt them, maybe), beign the last survivor of an encounter the “Last Man Standing” trait (bonus to HP and Resolve?) etc.
    – I think you already are working on it, but random events and encounters like in the two first Fallout games.
    – More ethnical variety between characters. Considering the medieval Germany ambientation, at least arab and african looking mercs could be in.

    I apologize if I stabbed someone’s eyes with my crappy english. Cheers and keep on the good work!
    (Derp, just realised the Suggestions subforum. Can someone move the topic? :P)

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    Nice suggestions!!

    – Regions, would be very cool. You could zoom out and the region names could appear in big font! Very nice for those hunt and find missions!!!
    – IRONMAN MODE!!! is an absolute must for those that like to embrace the pain. I want this so bad! the urge to save scum is so strong with this one.
    – Achievement traits sound sweet. Perhaps have some positive ones and negative ones? What if your one surviving Hugo watched all his companions get cut down, emotional scared for life? Injuries as well! haha ‘Hugo Three Fingers’. My Hagen the Horrid is a total Orc Slayer ;)
    – Random events is a thing! See my suggestions in my other thread:
    – Ethnical Variety is a planned expansion (as long as the game sells well) – it won’t be in the base game though (not yet)

    Your english is very good btw, and yes, this topic needs moving (a mistake I made myself)

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    Not sure how they’d do this without having it stand out too much in the UI.

    Ironman mode is going to get implemented according to the faq, but last I checked they were focusing on bug fixing and content first.

    Something like achievements might get added. It comes up in this thread.

    Random events are definitely planned.

    Ethnical variety might get in if the Middle Easter expansion gets made. African mercenaries seem less likely though.

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