Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion

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Quick Hands gives you the option to spend any turns where you don’t have an opportunity for a good shot reloading a spare crossbow instead,

Nothing changed, you still can do that as you could do it before. Neither is there anything wrong with it.
You don’t see the problem because you looking the other way.
All you need to do is pay attention when you read instead simply looking for an argument.

And yes before you could fire up to 4 xbows in the very first round, and again I don’t say it is ok. Even so it is not that big of a difference considering it is a once per battle barrage.
Why would it work as a free swap per turn and after that all others for 2? Because this way the xbow shot and switch to melee, the javelin throw and switch, the billhook switch and hit become valid again. Well not so much the hook one it still can be done. But now the javelins that I was using constantly with all chars having quick hands and the xbow shot even if I did only one are no more a valuable tactic. With the change a very nice mechanic of the game got destroyed. Why would it become valuable again if you will have to pay for a 1h and shield still 2ap? Easy, for the specific builds with 2h or only a 1h light assaults. There is nothing better than the light assaults circling around throwing javelins then switch to their primary and hit the enemy in the back.
Making the whole skill quite useless. You could say “Hey the broken weapon switch is still cool” and you wouldn’t be wrong. Unfortunately it is even more rare that BOTH weapon and the shield breaks at the same turn, and even then the difference(between skill and no skill) is only one action. It’s hardly arguable that a battle will usually depend on that exact one action. All these things are situation specific. Making the skill rare sitiational only. You gain more by chosing almost any other skill, this one is a waste. Still yes, it was owerpowered. In my opinion a balance still has to be found.