Reply To: No saving in combat?

Avatar photomadmansam

You realise that without constant automatic saving inside of combat, if something bad were to happen I could just hit alt+f4 and reload the ironman save from before combat started and play it again? And if you’re going to implement constant automatic saving inside of combat for the sake of ironman mode, you may as well implement manual saving. You may as well also include periodic autosaving in non-ironman mode so you don’t have to replay a whole battle for because of a crash. Save on exit is ok but it doesn’t really satisfy either ironman mode as you could manually terminate the program and doesn’t account for crashes in non-ironman mode.

Good point, but autodeleting that save after you have loaded the game would solve this problem. You realize it is not a big issue 😉 Atleast inside the combat. And in a normal game, as I said I support saving and reloading out of combat if you do want to. You would still have to fight the whole battle again, so doing this is not without drawback.
As there is no real IRONMAN at the moment. I would say no save but when you exit the game. If it crashes, you are screwed, but you would have known before 😉 Thats something for when the game itself is stable.
+ I do not get where you might have read about automatic saving. I spoke about 1 save that is made when you exit the game midst battle.

I was pointing out that save on exit only is a wishy-washy compromise that is much better than nothing, but won’t stop save-scumming in ironman mode and also has flaws for the people that want saves in combat to avoid losing progress.

As a side note, I’m honestly shocked they don’t have saving in combat to help with chasing down and reproducing bugs at the moment.