Reply To: Minor Suggestion

Avatar photolfish

I like it, but it also feels weird to have perks not do anything outside of vision range. Being heard is what’s important, but the orders wouldn’t be as effective if you couldn’t see who you´re ordering. How about halving the effect of the perks for every tile that they affect beyond your vision?
So let’s say you have vision 3 and Captain perk. Everyone within three tiles gets the full 20%, those four tiles removed get 10% and the fives tiles removed get 5%.


Probably fine, but wouldn’t that actually be an overall buff to the range ?
For me the logical portion is not so much about having direct line of sight to all affected soldiers, but more like overall battlefield awareness; I just think you’re going to be less effective as a captain when you don’t have much of an idea of the flow of battle, or generally what’s happening more than 5 feet in front of your face.