Reply To: A few new suggestions

Avatar photoXoatl

If there’s a mountain in the way then yeah you’ll go through it, at that point you’ll have to adjust the route. I just find myself following the road because it’s faster and safer. At one point it goes through a swamp and I have to go around, I’m not saying that will be fixed, I’d just prefer having my party follow the road without me having to click on every corner. At times I’d rather follow a snakey road instead of going directly through a forest because it’s faster. I just use roads a lot, it’ll really help in a lot of circumstances (recruiting, searching for missions, going from place to place checking on equipment). When you’re escorting a caravan you couldn’t use it. So it doesn’t diminish any of the figuring out part, you’d be reducing the amount of clicks you have to do in order to simply follow a road from place A to B, and go directly towards the target when in the wilderness(or to the nearest road). Outside of that you’ll be relying on changing the route yourself. Having the camera follow your party would help a lot too, in case there’s an ambush/raiders ahead.