Reply To: No saving in combat?

Avatar photoKalanar

I would turn the argument back towards you, I haven’t heard a good argument that supports a battle save. The argument for it seems utterly alien to me. The “freedom of choice” argument I believe is valid, but not strong enough to influence a design decision in my opinion. It adds so little that it isn’t worth the trade off, which would be a reduction in the danger element that pairs nicely with the dark themes of the game. Having said – Would it ruin the game for me if a battle save was included? No.

I misspoke when I implied that I thought tactical battles were the only part I found fun. The campaign interactions are really fun too. I certainly did not mean imply that everyone should agree that battles are best part of the game. In fact, I made a point to express that it was just my opinion.

If I were annoyed at having to fight a battle over again, it would be more about a general annoyance with the tactical element of the game rather than having to fight the same party again. I don’t know about you, but the fun for me is the tactical fights of which the variation of terrain can effect the outcome.

The use of “I” and “I don’t know about you” is what I used to communicate that it was my opinion.
This is what I was getting at:

1. The battles will be different, even if you are fighting the same party over again due to the new generated terrain. That is my argument against:

Never mind the annoyance of playing through something I’ve already done.

Because in my view, meaning, not necessarily everyone’s – you actually aren’t playing through something you’ve already done. It’s different because the terrain changes. You are welcome to argue that the variation in the party you are facing off against is the more important variable – to which I will also disagree.

And more importantly:
2. How often do you actually need to step away from a tactical battle? They don’t last that long. As a 500+ hour M&B player, I can say that the time of battles is comparable and in some cases, longer than Battle Brothers(Like when the AI is in control and they take 10 mins just to circle their stinking armies around each other before they charge X-D).

I hope the devs don’t waste their time in implementing it.