Reply To: No saving in combat?

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Very interesting discussion going on in here. This is our stance: We will not add a saving feature to combat because a) it does not fit our design goals, and b) it would cost us a lot of time which we’d rather invest into more important things, and things which we want to have in the game in the first place. Adding a loading feature from combat, on the other hand, is something we’ll eventually do simply for convenience.

Hi Rap,

Thanks for weighing in and letting us know the official word. The idea that something as innocuous as limited/unlimited save games can generate this much controversy is absolutely fascinating :)

You don’t have the resources to do it? Ok, gotcha. Part of a design philosophy? This isn’t a twitch action video game, it’s a nice meaty turn-based strategy/RPG game in the tradition of X-COM, XCOM, Silent Storm…or more broadly, HOMM, AOW, CIV. None of those games needed limited saves to “enhance” the experience. They just had strong game play. If you want a recent example of how limited save games annoy the hell out of people, take a look at Shadowrun. They ended up implementing unlimited saves in the end.