Reply To: No saving in combat?

Avatar photoHoly.Death

What “a loading feature from combat” exactly means? I don’t quite understand it the way it has been phrased.

You don’t have the resources to do it? Ok, gotcha. Part of a design philosophy? This isn’t a twitch action video game, it’s a nice meaty turn-based strategy/RPG game in the tradition of X-COM, XCOM, Silent Storm…or more broadly, HOMM, AOW, CIV. None of those games needed limited saves to “enhance” the experience. They just had strong game play.

1. What “a twitch action video game” has to do with anything?

2. HOMM, AOW and CIV are completely different games. Just like ARMA series is different from Call of Duty series.

3. “Limited saves” (as you put it) make sense as game is more akin to Warhammer titles (such as Warhammer Quest or Space Hulk: Ascension), where combat is supposed to be deadly and you have to live with your choices. A comparison to rogue-like titles can also be made: you are not supposed to load a save game after failing. You just fail and start over or – in Battle Brothers – try to carry on to get back on your feet. That’s the point.

4. X-COM tried to deal with save-scumming by making pre-generated rolls ahead of combat, to make save-and-load strategy not possible. It caused its own problems though (by changing outcomes through changes in order).