Reply To: About the difficulties settings

Avatar photoSarissofoi

Personally I don’t really mind easier levels of difficulty.
What I care is more starting options and possibility to customize your own starting world plus adding some additional custom rules.
#Adding two more difficulty levels(one below and other above normal) sounds good for me.
#Adding some additional options that allow to influence map generation like:
#Populated world(more villages and watchtowers)
#All I see is plain(less mountains and hills more plains)
#Too much trees can’t see forest(more forest less anything else)
Also sounds good to me.
#Letting people have influence starting party with options like this:
#You in the army now(start with 3 guys of military background but less cash)
#Time for redemption(start with 3 people with criminal background)
Also sounds as nice choice.
#Adding some custom rules for global map like this:
#People militia(better armed militia)
#No need for trash(selling items give you only 1/4 current price)
#Costly armours(armours cost 2 times more)
#Costly repair(1 Tools&Supplies unit repair only 5 durability points)
Sounds great for me(I like some additional challenge).

More customisation(that have some effect on gameplay) is good for replayability of game.

All praise the mighty IRONMEN mode.
Wonder if we get a Iron Maiden mode for extra difficulty.