Reply To: Undead Orcs

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Wiedergänger is the german word for the living dead. Though they could have just used the english word revenant. It also hurts my eyes when I see english speaking people writing words like wiederg a nger or zweih a nder (which simply does mean two-handed sword nothing fancy so why bother with a word they can´t even spell right?). I know your keyboard does not have ä, ö and ü. They would be simply written this way ae, oe and ue.

Ahhh, I move around too much. My German’s getting rusty. :( Obviously it should have been a ä and not a ï, having to memorise that was a pain. Speaking lots of languages has its downsides.
Part of why the English speaking world often uses German words in media as an exotic word, is because it sounds serious and harsh because of having sounds that English does not have. I’ve been told by Americans that Germans sound extremely angry to their ears when conversing amongst each other, it’s quite funny actually.