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Avatar photomrbunnyban

We’ve just implemented that parties on the worldmap actually get slower the larger they are. Like you said, this makes it a bit more feasible for the player to outrun large armies, especially at the beginning. Also, AI parties are now less likely to chase each other forever, as one will either catch up in time or the other will lose the party chasing it. It’ll be included in the next update.

Not unlike Mount & Blade we also want to introduce parties on the worldmap leaving footprints. This allows the player to both track down parties and follow them back to their base, and to stay clear off of larger parties in the vicinity without them needing to be in visual range.

Finally, as others have already said, we the way we’ll go about worldmap utility upgrades is probably with non-combat followers, not by making the player decide between combat and non-combat perks for Battle Brothers.

I really enjoyed Expeditions: Conquistador btw.

Hey, now I’m impressed. I guess it helps that there are some examples from other games that you can use for yours.

Your team seems to be pretty on the ball when it comes to design, so please humor me giving a few suggestions. I’d recommend a strategic support skills which are specific to your game’s themes. The easy examples are lowering tools/medicine/food use and speeding up repairs/healing. For your setting, you could consider a character who can conduct rites of burial to help offset the negative effects of the death of a brother on Resolve for instance, since the deaths of brothers is something of an ongoing theme. Someone who can give a rousing speech to improve Resolve, perhaps cast little rituals to ward off undead/protect against magic/mind-affecting skills, set bait to attract werewolves.

…or not. Eh, I’m encouraging feature creep on unnecessary features that have no critical impact on gameplay now. Hrm, I should shut up.