Reply To: Gameflow: How you end up playing?

Avatar photoSky

The first band was made at the very start of EA, in a world pretty dense. It was a beggar army, the lowest possible cost guys on the market. Avoided orcs and went for bandits and especially undead. As the core leveled up started to explore and raid everything. Never depended on any npc force but tried to help then when could. It was a very fast rise in resources equipment. Became a test party since have resources to last over a game year. It was a full on assault group rushing any enemy.(normal)

The band I started with the .38 update had a very very nice world generated, very spread out with a road ring. This party is basicly the survival of the fittest kind, my casualty counter already broke. At day 26 have more times the casualties than the test band above. With this I tend to focus on missions but since everything is so spread out it’s way harder to manage the resources. The feel of the game is much better than it was before. So far my plan is to stay alive and reach a stability in management. So far it’s the try and keep alive few core members till they level up while the others can and are sacraficed to reach the goal.(hard)