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Your English is be no means terrible. I think its important to bare in mind that the things you’ve identified as bad, are by-and-large still work-in-progress.

But to share my thoughts on the matter:

1. Weapon and Armour durability was added to maintain a demand for buy/selling armour. Its not unrealistic for armour of weapons to break, but your right it may be – in some cases – too easy to break certain items.

2. The map is due to be expanded, new terrain types, tactical maps, events, and intractable locations – are to my knowledge all planned. But this is EA, so they will be coming – but just not yet.

3. The quest system, I agree can be improved upon. Their is currently only three core types of quests. But this will likely be expanded once, events and story elements start to find their way into the game.

I wouldn’t say this game is ‘barely decent’, nor would I say I’m a kiss ass. This game, for an EA title, is very good. This is EA done right, its enjoyable, and fun to play. The devs are responsive and have been very quick to fix bugs, and make minor chapters. The EA launch – to me – has been a success. The game is very, very playable and fun. Yes, their are parts that are lacking, but this isn’t a finished game, not all the features and content are in the game just yet.