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I actually agree with Gabbagundam on the weapons/armour ficticiousness.

Although I can easily be considered an ass-kisser to this game and its devs due to my enthusiasm about it, I do agree they made many very strange decisions regarding some weapon stats and effects. Some glaring ones being that swords do no piercing damage, while maces do extra armour damage (they could dent plate armour, but realistically they do absolutly zero damage to chain mail and gambesons), spears are close melee weapons here, so what’s the advantage of pointy metal on a long stick, if you can only fight with it at same range as with a knife?

Here is a bit of a graphic suggestion I sent to the devs before the game was released, where I split weapons not just in piercing, cutting and blunt, but also close melee and distance melee.

Note, this wasn’t meant as a fully historic representation, but just a more logical game interpretation of the various possible weapons, reasons to have them in and their advantages and disadvantages.