Reply To: Weapon durability

Avatar photoguidon101

I switch to hammer to take out armor then switch to cleaver to cut flesh

When I learned to do this, my durability issues were mitigated.

I love using only swords just for the visual and thematic feel (thanks Hollywood!), but they break too fast against armor (hitting a fully armored orc brings a Noble Sword from 100% to 88% in one swing, and of course only inflicts about 25% of that orc armor in damage), so I also use hammer as my primary “shock” weapon and switch to swords when fighting unarmored opponents. At first, I didn’t like this low durability for both armor and weapons, but now it has grown on me, and for me makes the battles feel more tactical, dynamic, and gritty (people die easily, weapons and armor break easily). Maybe Newton’s 3rd Law applies, as much damage as I am doing to a well-made heavy armor, I can imagine my well-made sword receiving considerable damage too. Not sure how it was historically, but this game seems to be aiming more for game play experience/balance.

The only thing that I’d like to have is an indicator of currently equipped weapons(items) durability for example like Sarissofoi did on ui suggestions. To always see right away the state. It realy becomes a heavy micro management thing, and very unnecesseraly, in long battles or when more battles in rapid successions to check, remember, try to calculate, remember, check the equipment status. I’d say the ideal representation would be on a small papperdoll in the corner, maybe as in reign of kings with depleting and coloring, or with percentage. It’s way too much unconvenience at this moment to manage the gear degradation. But since ui is one of the last things that will be done (I belive there are few critical elements that should be added asap) just got to carry replacement items in inventory to swap between battles and a weapon in every belt…

Yes! I second, third, and fourth-vote on this! Not just weapon health indicators, but also have quick slot items upfront for easy access without going into the inventory screen.