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Avatar photomrbunnyban

I did not fight many undead until now, but I assume they are immune against the stun.

I’m pretty sure I’ve successfully stunned a Fallen Hero before.

If I’m not mistaken, only Orc Warriors and Warlords are immune to stun.

What? On top of knockback immune, they’re also immune to stun? That’s rather extreme. All those stun based skills are more worthless then I thought. After all, the orcs are the hardest things on the map

Actually, from my experience, the orc warriors and warlords are immune to other key tactical skills: hook, shieldbash/pikepush, stun.

So it’s really scary when they bash through my lines (and sometimes they double bash) into my soft dps core units, which is why I adopted a more mobility/dps approach to skills and weapons. It does make fighting them a harrowing but epic experience though.

I had a team which was brute force focused (high armor/defence/dps, all troops) , albeit with weapon switching. I’m now experimenting with more kooky tactics, but it seems like tactical skills are pointless. Immunity to one or two types of tactical skills is good so you are forced switch tactics. Immunity to them all means brute force tactics win out. Not such a good design imo