Reply To: General feedback on ENEMYS, ITEMS & VERSION:

Avatar photomrbunnyban

Haha, it was actually mostly just really cool, since my playstyle involves frequent casualties anyway. 😛 I play with a dedicated group of berserkers, acquired through seeing which recruits survive charging straight into enemy lines with two-handers.

These kind of unit divergences are some of the best details in the game. An enemy that is powerful, but only powerful under certain circumstances really keeps you on your toes. It’s why I’m happy that a part of how they balance things is through tweaking AI behaviour. I’m hoping we see some slight tweaks with the berserker AI though, so that players get to see that aspect of their design more often. If I’m remembering correctly, they get increased damage, resolve, initiative and damage resistance for every kill. The amount depends on the number of kills and each turn they lose some of it. They also have the berserker perk, so they regain AP, too. They’d be pretty fearsome if they made the most of that.

Whoa. I made them priority targets without thinking too much about it because they were unarmoured and used high damage weapons. I never realised how scary they could get. I’ve gotta avoid bringing in cheap milita into fights with them haha.