Reply To: I want this game to succeed (Feedback to devs)

Avatar photoSekata

So as I expected, a lot of my failures early game had to do with the nature of the game, and my complete inexperience. Learning how to handle the early game from this forum helped clear that up. Orcs seem much more reasonable now that my soldiers aren’t fighting them with leather caps on.

The hit percentages are of course just the nature of the game. I’ve hit people at 8% and missed at 95. I retract all complaints that i had about the hit ratings.
I would like to see a choice for whether nor not to aim for the head or aim for the body. If an enemy has no armor but a full integrity helmet, then i definitely want the option to try for the chest. I understand why that wouldn’t be a desirable choice on the programming side though, as it would require percentage chances being split between the head and the body.

New maps to facilitate raids, and the removal of the ambush mechanic if the brothers initiate combat in the forest are still desirable.

Other than that, I was wrong on all counts. Leveling and equipping brothers appropriately makes a HUGE difference. Knowing what weapons work for rookies as opposed to vetrans helps too. Knowing which enemies you can deal with at any given point is equally important. You guys at Overhype have done an amazing job.

If you need an editor or writer for content, I’d love to volunteer. Anything to help this project.