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>>…but it won’t take long for me to be moving between two towns and see a hunting pack that’s labelled deadly or impossible for my 10 guys…
The weird thing is, there are no enemies in my previous playthrough. I’ve completed messenger and escort missions, like 10 times and no enemies are spotted at all. In my current playthrough, enemies are everywhere, and they’re either deadly or impossible. I suspect it has something to do with map generation upon new game.

This is how I handle the pervasion of overwhelming hostilities.

1) breakthrough (when careful navigation meets its limitations)
If you found strong enemy appears in front of your path thus no way to reach your destination, engage him and retreat in battle. He will stay still in world map for a while. This is a temporary solution to the problem, as it doesn’t reduce the strength difference between you and enemy. I think if you’re doing this at daytime and outside of forest, you probably won’t get surrounded at start of battle.

2) co-op battle
There are two types of friendly facilities, town(city) and guard tower. The latter will send strong helping help when hostile is nearby. Lure stronger enemy to guard tower, then you can join battle or escape.

>>Should I just never travel at night? Would that help?
Since you love difficult games, that would definitely help. Your have poorer vision at night, which you makes harder to spot ambushes in world map, you also have slower map traveling speed. Vision within battle is also reduced, your archers are harder to be protected and they can’t hit far due to reduced vision.

>>Also, is there a way to pass time while inside a city?
I don’t think so. But I can guess your purpose. You need a safe place to fix equipment and restore health, right? Try seek for guard tower.