Reply To: Suggestion Collection

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So, at least I have the time to properly read and leave my thoughts here. Since I’m God’s less coherent socket puppet I will only write about what I see differently everything else as usual I do agree completely.

Sling: I’m hoping there will be more weapons in all the categories but the range one needs more asap. Would be nice to see different one like the sling, perhaps bola, nets, darts, etc. and even simply adding more of the same kind would be wonderful. Like longbow composite bow, heavy xbow etc.

Pause after the battle ends: Should not be mandatory, but as an option it sure could be nice(gameplay option menu).

Factions: As wetland, there are other geologically zoned specific lifestyle factions. Mountain villages were different from both wetland and grassland settlements. Being mostly miner colonies or trade hubs. Usually covering a mountain like a spider web. Don’t forget the nomadic factions of the lesser terrains that were mostly animal herders. Just a few of many. Would be nice to have a random nation selection for the human factions instead of always having the same grassland ones in different color. Sure the most of the map is grassland and it is logical to have more than one of the core factions, but it could be a nice touch to have slightly different other factions with emphasis on their surrounding. To have more iron armors and weapons at the mountaineers fort. Or to be able to recruit specific support characters at specific nations.

Randomized backgrounds:
While personally I’d like to see this feature, not sure about most of the players. This would bring even more diversity but at the cost of stability. Many players do not like the extended random factor and prefer having constant choices as well. Imo this game has a strong random generation so there is a gameplay improvement with this.

Deformed faction: Mutants I guess like in the “Forest” perhaps simple meat blobs. I’m really not sure about this. As an arch enemy it was already used in “Warlock” 1 or 2 don’t remember. Could see it only as a very minor very rare very small but very strong faction. Still not sure if it fits the world at all.

Dodge: While I do agree that it could be made more usable, the once per turn would clearly overpower it. Maybe once per turn but then less bonus like half.

Cultural transition: This would be a great thing and it is not hard to do, just make one more layer of town progression. Making these the lowest tier settlements. This could also open a hireling tiering and item distribution. Like having the lowest tier items in the shops and more spread out background distribution. Thematically it would be a very nice touch as well. And if the factions will be able to dynamically grow this could be so to say a pioneer outpost kind of thing. Opening up a lots of opportunities for the “founding an outpost” kind of jobs.

Wiedergangers: There is nearly no limit of how a reanimated corpse could like, just chose any kind of death and you have a different visualization. Be that swamp roters or puffed up drowners. And as said before, death is no racist, any faction can and should be animated as a weiderganger. It’s relatively easy and would bring lots to the game.

Nine Lives:
It does need a rethink even perhaps a removal imo. Surviving with 1 hp is useless. If it would cancel the killing blow completely, so no damage done then I can see how it would have more use. But again, making it a once per turn would make it extremely powerful. Additionally since this is clearly a luck based skill it could be providing somewhat a resistance to negative traits that will be implemented.

Leader type units: Why are there none now? There are immense variations on a stronger specific leader type unit. Or even an elite version of the units that are already in. It would bring in diversity as well, having not only the same orc leader to fight but a berserker leader or a young leader. This could nicely transit into the internal faction difference! The young orc focused camp should have higher chance to have a young orc leader. This would also work with the event system, especially the specific leaders.

Supernatural: The demons and such, they could go as events no doubt. (Or jobs, get rid of the witch or the secret coven in the forest and bam they have summoned a demon to help them. Or golem, or anything else of this kind). The cultists in game are already Chthulhu fhtang-ers. Could be based on this aspect, Lovecraft had lots and lots of foul creatures.

The rat-kin: I’d definitely would like to see them. They aren’t commonly spread but are a very nice race. Always liked them in warhammer. Not so much playing as them but against the ratmen infestation.