Reply To: Favorite weapon


Spears at the moment are my go to weapons. The +20% to hit in a game where you will miss plenty of 80%+ hits is pretty much necessary early on and throughout when you need things dropping quickly.

Swords are good too, +10% hit is nice, riposte is good vs Wolves and anything with broken armour is going down reasonably quickly with swords. I was experimenting with the Military Cleaver and was wondering why the hit % was so low! Didn’t realise it doesn’t get the sword bonus. Decapitate is just brilliant as a high-risk ‘oh crap, gotta kill the idiot before he wipes me out’. Misses often, but when it does work… -I had it work on a bandit leader, that was fun, everyone ran away pronto!

While I like Axes they miss far too often, shield break is useful tho… Maces are my armour destroyers when they can get around in time, stun when it hits can be a life-saver.

I’m not liking ranged weapons. Very hit and miss, I’m not a fan of all-rounders as I’d rather have my archers as specialist archers, but finding someone with a decent range stat is bordering impossible. My latest game was interesting, 15 days not one hunter or poacher showed up for recruitment, so I went without archers and had an easier time of things(!) That might change when goblins turn up.

Have stayed away from 2H weapons so far… I think early on they’re asking for trouble and since I build around survivability I haven’t had much chance to build a spare recruit into a 2H role, especially when people die. Training replacements becomes too important as does repairing armour that kills the finances enough that it isn’t cost-effective for me to try them out, other than 2 tile reach weapons though, thems the bees knees with a good shield-line.