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When you start a game you spwan next to a settlement that has always the tutorial job for destroying a bandit hideout next to this settlement. Now since it is randomly generated the positioning of this settlement, the road, and the hideout will differ. Usualy when a caravan is spawned and you attack this hideout the caravan will fight since it is in the support radius. Now sometimes the road goes next to the hideout and the settlement may spawn more than one caravan, you can catch em all in the hideout battle. Ofc just skipping turn and hoping for the most possible casualties on both sides. Just a small boost at the start. It is an exploit in my eyes and should be fixed, but untill then…

Same mechanic goes for other near the road enemy camps, you can suck in the patrols and caravans into a camp ambush. Same exploit.

Or you can simply follow around a strong caravan or patrol vulturing all fights even jumping in for a last hit exp steal. Same exploit.

Now for the quoting. When you quote a message it starts with quote and the number of post(next to the quote button) while ends with /quote. All you have to do is place the same [ quote=xxxx] and [ /quote] around every chunk of text you want to quote separately.

While playing now forgot to buy food, first time ever to have someone desert my ranks… Now the party was already beaten over and over having 4lvl 11 and the rest 1-4lvl. Ofc the only one who deserts is my lvl 11 main leader type guy… And he was a founder aswell. Why did he even participate in forming the mercenary group if he’s the first one to run… Not to mention his title was “Fearless”… What a lier. And if that was not enought he took all the gear with him. Heraldic mail, full helm, noble sword… I want to capture and murder him. Why is that not in the game.