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Since you gaiz are so interested about the age thing, here was what the devs had said.

Q: How does the game deal with the passing of time? Do characters age and get physically weaker over time and age?
The whole game takes places over a period of several months, not years. Aging isn’t a part of the game and most of the Battle Brothers will die before having the chance to grow old anyway.

This game gives me similar impression before I read the FAQ.

But the game can be something like this too…

Reim Century 12
This land is roamed by undead and orcs. Humans, a lesser clan and easy prey to various predators. Some intellectuals of the kin believe extinction will arrive in several decades. The situation is dire enough for most people to give up hope in restoration of mankind. The hopelessness ultimately turns into malice and madness, which given rise to bandits. This has greatly prevented resource from falling into the hands of predators, in the most ironic way.

Reim Century 14
Questioning your past, you and your brothers took up the sword to search for an answer. Nonetheless, your group is merely hired blades with suspicious background in the eyes of many.

– as frontier in mercenary business, your active participation will catalyze its growth, which increases the amount of mercenary groups available
– plantation field is a good source of provision, make sure enemy does not destroy it
– river is another source for food, if the place is secured, new towns could be built there
– securing trading routes enables towns to exchange commodities such provisions and weapons.
– in messenger quest, make sure structure plans arrive safely, it greatly helps the town development
– as you retrieve artifacts for scholars, you might learn unrevealed history, such as Orcs and Undead didn’t exist until one day….
– when even royal army has failed to hold the line, it’s up to you fend off the invading army.
– by retrieving lost history records, you might find the mastermind behind all this, if there’s one.
– focus your defense on a single town when everywhere else cannot be protected, but make there’s a safe route for everyone to fall back to this town. Refugees holing up in this town will turn it into a citadel, where you can keep defending it until you come up a good plan to strike back.
– attacking orc’s supply unit or strategic spot to give enough advantage for royal army to turn the tide of the battle
– find out the weakness of indomitable undead army by venturing deep into their area
– restoring faith in humanity by completing one of the most impossible quests. This inspires and motivates human to expand their power.
– explore the coldest place to find surprises you wouldn’t imagine
– loading your cleared save in new game plus will advance the time by 10 years, the result will be an extension to previous events by taking all factors into account, but the changes may or may not favor you.
– try completing the personal goal of a brother. It can be accumulation of wealth, gaining fame, or reclaiming his homeland.
– the shared goal of you group has no time limit, and it can be passed down to next generations
– will you wipe out every clan other than humans? Or is there a way to co-exist with them?

               The hands you used to hold weapon…. has the power to shape the world too.
                                   - Battle Brothers: War of Century –

( ̄◇ ̄;) If we have that much game content, aging system might be relevant and fun.