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>> He meant scaled aging like a lot of games have
(I can’t believe I got distracted and to forgot to ask this…)
What is scaled aging? Is aging system that common in most games? Likely limited by my preference and genre of games of I’ve played, I can’t recall games with aging system all of a sudden. Ermm, Sims?
>> A year is still 365 days long, it will still take hmm… a while…
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(Hmm…… I wonder if he’s talking to me or awaiting my response? Anyway, I’ve more or less related thoughts to supplement to the age topic.)

Hi gaiz :D it’s me again! ……….why the long face?

If I remember correctly, when my brother was dying (5/60hp), which equivalents to 90% injury, HE ONLY TOOK about 50 in-game hours to heal completely.

Well…. if anyone in reality suffers 90% injury…..

It should take longer time than this for them to heal. Hmmm….. I’m not a doctor but I think It should take 53 ~ 55 hours for him to heal up, BUT DEFINITELY NOT 50 HOURS.

By now you should see there are 100 excuses to modify the time system just to implement age system, without 1 good purpose to support it.

Like I’ve stated and shown in my previous post, this game’s story is about several months long.

If a game allows your character to age, it must be expecting him to accomplish different kind of things that can only be done in a very long duration. The game probably wasn’t expecting your character to age by doing the same thing every day (for example, hunting down every enemy in endless mode, even if enemy is not endless). Why things like that aren’t allowed, you asked? BECAUSE IT WOULD BE TOO SAD. Don’t we age by doing the same thing every day in reality? O|¯|_

If this game is about a mercenary band turning into a legend by saving human civilization from brink of destruction, it would be different story. You can spend 50 years to rebuild towns, restoring prosperity in human society, correcting power balance between factions, and change human’s positioning in the world. You’re basically shaping the world and rewriting history. How could that happen when you’re not even a royalty or ruler? The location you choose to protect might turn from a town into capital, not because you any have say in it, just because the place is safe and the timing is appropriate. You’re just a small cog that happens to turn the wheel of fate, in the way you couldn’t imagine.

The founders of your group have always been bluffing about earning sufficient wealth to build a castle of their own on the most beautiful land by reclaiming it from by orcs. Time elapsed and era has changed. Now the founders have all passed away, none has fulfilled the promise to reclaim the land, but they have accumulated more than enough crowns for a castle and servants. And their fellow brothers are still pursuing the same dream, which has been passed down as legacy.

Why can’t we have DLC like this!? The meaning of early access, you ask? Wait a minute, I’ll google it.

щ(ºДºщ) People~~~ come and buy support this game!!!

The moment I saw how caravans impact the town’s economy, and how mercenaries can impact caravan, I see a lot of potential in this game.
It can handle both battle element and city building element while having an interesting relationship between them.

On an irrelevant note, I just encountered a withered vampire for the first time, oh boy I’m excited!