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There are like 30 types of long sticks with a sharp metal on top of it. If you ask a child whether they are all the same thing….

You’ve mentioned about anti armor, swipe, sweep and stun. Let’s divide 30 by 4….

If someone can provide unique(or rather distinguishable) effect and visual design to these 30 types of weapon…..
Please contact me, I want to show my adoration and respect to this game staff.

Devs say female brothers might be added in future. So here are my suggested weapons which are less masculine and tailor-made for female brothers.
I’ve come with up a slightly distinguishable attack for each suggested weapon (well, don’t expect me to think 2 attacks)

Lance – has range of 2 tile but reduce to 1 when enemy is 1 tile away (long and bulky weapon is not that nimble in close range). It’s special attack “Joust”, uses 6 AP and knock backs enemy while dealing dmg to them. It can only be used right after you move towards the target, in the same turn. So to use this attack, you can’t wait turn between moving and attacking. (think of it as a full sprint charging attack with no interval of hesitation). Also, it can’t be used when there’s height difference.

Scythe – it’s special attack “Reap”, uses 6 AP and can only be used when you’ve waited a turn without taking any action (think of it as some of charged attack which you focus all your concentration into it). It increase chance to hit by 5% and can hit up to 4 targets. It deals incredibly high damage but diminishes as it cut through enemies in a swing. If enemy being hit survived the attack, the attack stops immediately.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the original/first post because of the amount of information it provides.

There’s never enough variety or customization for weapon. The problem is… how to do it nicely      O|¯|_

>> I really don’t understand this line of reasoning, I find variety helps the immersion tremendously.
*shakes hand*
I also like weapons a lot, too bad I’m just a piece of sh….. but not some sort of expert weapon designers.