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    Hi! I have logged 45+ hours on the game thus far and here are my added suggestions to complement many good ones already made. I suggest the good people of Overhype that they open some polls to really gauge the community.


    I actually love the map, but given that it will be reworked, and given that the current small size (1 city and x villages/outposts/castles) runs into the “been there done that” wall rather quickly, I would love to see a map at least three times the size (3 cities for instance). I really want to feel that there are frontiers and unexplored areas where going would be suicidal. At present the size feels like a glorified region.
    The non-combat traits system could make messengers and historians reveal locations also.


    One of the only thing that is “completely all wrong” with the current design is how fast time runs versus travel speed. I want to have 2 days travel time between many locations, and be able to cross the map in 2 or 3 weeks. The costs per week do not have to be altered, simply more expensive items and more well priced missions could make the brothers start out locally (unable to go far because of brother salary costs). I want to feel like time rolls by, AND I do not mind travel time in game.


    I really dream of being able to attack patrols, caravans even villages myself…. to be able to stray into banditry and use the faction interplay (on a larger map) to do this.

    CEMETERY WITH DETAILS (already suggested)

    I really would like to see the details of my brothers, how they were killed and who killed them.

    CAMP (already suggested)

    The icing on the cake would be the ability to have a base camp, keep characters there for defense, have the ability to manufacture ammunition, food and medicine, and train characters there. It would be ever-so fantastic if you could place some defenses in a pre-generated battle map of the camp…. AND if parties went for your camp instead of your party after you destroyed theirs for revenge. Very far on the party should be able to hire an armor/weapon smith – early on an expensive merchant should come there


    Same values can be kept for design simplicity – but I would love to see AT LEAST this level of variety:
    Simple pike weapon variants
    or this
    Another set
    Battle brothers should be trainable by their peers

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    I posted in other threads, but I think these are the “bare bones” suggestions I was intending

    Avatar photoAsterix_von_TWC

    Has anyone else posted on pikes?

    Avatar photoSky

    Not to this extend.

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    All these weapons could be added, but they must serve some purpose, gameplay-wise. Most of the polearms above are very similar to what we already have in the game and would have very similar stats and skills. So why add them? Unless we can come up with a unique trait for each weapon, it will be all the same, just with different looks.

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    There are some older threads that discuss it. The tricky bit is that you don’t want to get a bunch of weapons that are too similar to each other, as that is frequently a problem in games. Another issue is which weapons are too modern to fit the setting (though rule of cool definitely applies).

    Avatar photoAsterix_von_TWC

    All these weapons could be added, but they must serve some purpose, gameplay-wise. Most of the polearms above are very similar to what we already have in the game and would have very similar stats and skills. So why add them? Unless we can come up with a unique trait for each weapon, it will be all the same, just with different looks.

    I really don’t understand this line of reasoning, I find variety helps the immersion tremendously 1) and 2) with the unique abilities that each weapon gives in BB then each of these weapons could have a different specialty (anti-armour for voulge, swipe for halbert, sweep for battle scythe, stun for the bill)

    I get board of same-old weapons, I want variety

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    There are like 30 types of long sticks with a sharp metal on top of it. If you ask a child whether they are all the same thing….

    You’ve mentioned about anti armor, swipe, sweep and stun. Let’s divide 30 by 4….

    If someone can provide unique(or rather distinguishable) effect and visual design to these 30 types of weapon…..
    Please contact me, I want to show my adoration and respect to this game staff.

    Devs say female brothers might be added in future. So here are my suggested weapons which are less masculine and tailor-made for female brothers.
    I’ve come with up a slightly distinguishable attack for each suggested weapon (well, don’t expect me to think 2 attacks)

    Lance – has range of 2 tile but reduce to 1 when enemy is 1 tile away (long and bulky weapon is not that nimble in close range). It’s special attack “Joust”, uses 6 AP and knock backs enemy while dealing dmg to them. It can only be used right after you move towards the target, in the same turn. So to use this attack, you can’t wait turn between moving and attacking. (think of it as a full sprint charging attack with no interval of hesitation). Also, it can’t be used when there’s height difference.

    Scythe – it’s special attack “Reap”, uses 6 AP and can only be used when you’ve waited a turn without taking any action (think of it as some of charged attack which you focus all your concentration into it). It increase chance to hit by 5% and can hit up to 4 targets. It deals incredibly high damage but diminishes as it cut through enemies in a swing. If enemy being hit survived the attack, the attack stops immediately.

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the original/first post because of the amount of information it provides.

    There’s never enough variety or customization for weapon. The problem is… how to do it nicely      O|¯|_

    >> I really don’t understand this line of reasoning, I find variety helps the immersion tremendously.
    *shakes hand*
    I also like weapons a lot, too bad I’m just a piece of sh….. but not some sort of expert weapon designers.

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    That’s the thing though, time and effort spent on giving those weapons unique, balanced and fitting abilities, is time that could be spent on weapons that are less similar to already implemented weapons. Me, I like pole-arms and made a similar suggestion earlier on about ones that would fit the game, but I’m not counting on most of them making it in because it would involve time better spent elsewhere.


    A lance is a cavalry weapon. It’s the impact of the horse that makes it special, with different versions of the weapon being optimised for that role. You didn’t use them when on foot, since you’d be better off using pole-arms build for that role.

    Also, scythes used in war didn’t have the blade extend side-ways like that, as it just limits your range and its swing wasn’t useful in a fight. Rather, the blade was extended upwards and reinforced, so that the scythe could be used like a fauchard or voulge. It was basically the improvised version of those weapons, so we might see it in that capacity.

    Avatar photoSky

    The current arsenal is far from the final. Here is something for you Arsenal

    Avatar photoAsterix_von_TWC

    That is great! But I am surprised that people are so “frugal” and “northern-european stingy” in this thread :D

    If we can have variety and eye candy why not? For me immersion and detail is what keeps me with a game…. platonic mass-aggregation of weapons I find boring, and in a game where equipping is a massive joy, why not have a massive amount of equipment?

    Avatar photoGOD

    Yeah, it’ll get quite a bit bigger. I figure though that the weapons that are similar to already existing weapons will be of a somewhat lower priority than those with a more unique role. Like, will we see the either the glaive or the voulge? Neither? Both? As long as they have a relevant role I’d like to see them make it in, but I dislike weapons that you’ll never want to use and that are just there as filler.

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    I am too the type of players, that consider a variety of guns “work” is mandatory for RPG games.I also think that the presence of 1-2 weapons of each type in games-it’s just a matter of laziness of developers. Need balancity, draw models, meshes, customized animation. Of course the majority of devs do not wants to do it and tells us about the futility of the same 10 axes. And I want 10 of the same axes in performance, but with handles from a different tree – is perfectly.
    But most important is that : I’ll be very happy to see this in our wonderful game. But we all understand now that the developers have a much higher priority, larger and more important for the development of the game in general. For future replay value. May there be many weapons, but when the game will already have everything planned out gameplay improvements.

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    The addition of eye candy weapons belongs to the realm of mods.

    Avatar photoGOD

    Sorry, but I’m having trouble understanding what you’re saying. If I’m correct, you want to see more varied art assets for the weapons? Like different weapon-handles and such? Something like that might get in, since it’s much less work than making a new weapon and they could re-use some assets left over from the weapon quality plan.

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