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That’s the thing though, time and effort spent on giving those weapons unique, balanced and fitting abilities, is time that could be spent on weapons that are less similar to already implemented weapons. Me, I like pole-arms and made a similar suggestion earlier on about ones that would fit the game, but I’m not counting on most of them making it in because it would involve time better spent elsewhere.


A lance is a cavalry weapon. It’s the impact of the horse that makes it special, with different versions of the weapon being optimised for that role. You didn’t use them when on foot, since you’d be better off using pole-arms build for that role.

Also, scythes used in war didn’t have the blade extend side-ways like that, as it just limits your range and its swing wasn’t useful in a fight. Rather, the blade was extended upwards and reinforced, so that the scythe could be used like a fauchard or voulge. It was basically the improvised version of those weapons, so we might see it in that capacity.