Reply To: General feedback on ENEMYS, ITEMS & VERSION:

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Indeed. Gentlemen, if you haven’t gotten Cleavers yet, I advise you to look at it: Decapitate. Terribly OP, at this stage, IMHO. 45% chance on my line-Brothers to get…. an instant kill. Takes off the head, REGARDLESS OF ARMOR. That’s right, about 10% lower than normal strike to land a one-hit, with a 1H weapon. Used it on Orc Warriors a couple times; giggle-inducing, so probably OP as balls :)

Couldn’t figure out how my 2H level 11 plate monster (with 40 melee defense :D ) got downed in one hit, at full HP, Armor, and Head Armor that one time fighting orcs. Why? They use Cleavers. And I would be willing to bet they occasionally use that one-hit ability, to morale-damaging effect. One of the reasons I don’t like fighting Orcses.