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That actually make more(a lot of) sense and draws a clear line between real weapons and unreal weapons. Also a good move for handling background and settings.

A whip sword is cool but it usually has far less cutting power than a sword and far less reach than a whip (you also never/rarely see people using it in reality). But whip sword is not a magic weapon, as it is possible be achieved with insane weapon engineering and insane amount of practice. It’s just impractical and unreal in most situations.

However, if we allow the flaws of impractical weapons to be fixed by just a small amount of magic, we can think of it as a working model which has been successfully developed with high technology in reality. Let’s call these workable impractical weapons as Enchanted Weapons.

I wish to separate these enchanted weapons from legendary weapons, which has totally amazing powers such as healing and reviving. It’s nice if enchanted weapon is more or less on a par with real weapon (just like how protagonists using impractical weapon in games and movies, like a boss), so we can easily use all sorts of impractical/enchanted weapon together with real weapon. While legendary weapon(absolutely unbelievable weapons) is a league higher than both enchanted and normal weapon.