Reply To: A Nimble Nerf

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I’m for more stat based skills but not in a salat way. To bind contradictory stats in one equasion is wrong. The core idea is good, but how about this…

Do not think this is the correct way of nerfing the skill. I do understand why you chose this approach but I feel like it is not represented in the game any way, your character does not change position when successfully evading an attack, he does not wander around the 6 hex radius, he does not use it at all. To be fair while it is much aeasier to evade away you still can evade in confined space to a degree, humans are not trees and can move their parts independently. Usually that is.

Your surrounded factor comes from the character not being able to evade in that direction while it sould be more like it is harder to constantly focus on more than one target and harder to evade attacks from more sources. Instead of counting the occupied hexes it should be simply decreased from amount of surrounding enemies. Should not be cancelled out at all but reduced perhaps down to 20% maximum where every enemy after the first comes with a reduction. This way it will result in, as you wanted, a more cautious play with the dancer removing almost all benefits surrounded. Making it more like a duelist skill. And it will not render the skill less attractive or this nerf overpowered with ranged enemies or events. It will remain the same usability wise from now on to the release.

Same goes for the defense penalty reduction via the characters attack skill. While in theory it is good, in game this should not transfer. These are absolutely different skills that have their own purpose and have nothing in common. A characters defense should not be effected by his attack at all, it will open up too many possibilities of exploatation otherwise. And render these stats less valid in the end. It would also open up a door when the same arguments could be used to any skill weapon or stat binding other non connected stats to them.

How come I end up as bad guy here?

Not anymore.