Reply To: Decapitate insta-kills

Avatar photoJavaJavaJava

Yeah, it was probably a bug then: Haven’t tested it extensively since (I build high melee defense specifically because that blow revised my playstyle). I think I’ve only seen one other time when I have lost a man wearing head armor still get decapitated, but the orc *might* have done the 150+ or so damage necessary to insta kill, so I didn’t think it a glitch.

Is the decapitate chance there vs full head armor if the merc has lower than full HP? He might have been down 5 or so, I just remember that he still had most of his (300) armor: It’s possible he may have lost some earlier, to Lost Souls or something, I just remember he didn’t lose any that fight and I don’t believe he was down any… but then, no screenshot, and I was Iron-Manning at the time.