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>> Since I don’t need my archers to be in the front row
About at least 1/3? (I dunno the portion) of the time, you don’t start the battle with a lined-up or tidy formation. You might get surrounded and has scattered formation especially if you engage enemy in forest. This depends on your play style, some people always engage enemy on plains. I dislike battle in forest but most enemy bases are in forest.

>> I don’t need Melee Defense and Ranged Defense is not really needed when your archers can win the contest with enemy archer
In my experience, when you get surrounded or pursuing enemy archer with your archer, there is a chance your archer might get shot. In small scale battle, the enemy archer could miss you or you might dispatch him very quickly. But in large scale battle, there is a good chance for enemy archers to hit or wound your unit severely (if he has no ranged def or armor).

>> If he dies I can always hire another one who will be capable of doing this bare minimum.

Wow wow just- wait, you’re actually right but that idea is extremely dangerous. I think most people will try their very best to keep everyone alive. Because if someone dies, all the experience gained will be wasted. Even he’s just a meatshield to you, you would rather him to be a veteran meatshield than just a rookie meatshield forever, right?

>> My point is – if my brother can’t hit the wide side of a barn he’s a meatshield. His only purpose is to occupy enemies while archers do their job.

If 2 meatshields can do 2000+ dmg respectively in 3 rounds (shown in my previously posted image), they must be made of some highly poisonous or corrosive meat. Each meatshield deals 700 dmg in every round (without Rally perk). Don’t even try to calculate, your ranged brother can’t do this at all.

However, melee brother can’t do something like this (this is where I agree with you).

You don’t have to figure out what is happening. I just come up with the perfect name for this image.

“1 second after the game has started.”

That lucky guy, if wasn’t the bush blocking my sight completely, he was dead.

In case you’re wondering, there are only 3 ranged brothers in battle. The two brothers at second row are Rally brothers, I gave them a short bow so they can begin the battle in second row. Also, I’ve only fired the first arrow wave (you can unleash arrow shower twice in a round, if you have Perfect Focus & support of Rally brothers), and look at what has happened to the enemy.

This is what I think.
In small scale battle against light armor enemies, ranged brothers can end the battle faster than melee brothers.
In large scale battle against heavy armor enemies, melee brothers can deliver more damage than ranged brothers.

However, most people pay more attention to tough battles than easy ones, so they might find less value in archers (I would shamefully admit I’m one of these people.

>> They can still be classified as meatshields before they reach the ranks of valuable members of the team. Archers start as near useless to become the most powerful and end up still being useful or very useful.
Slap me- forget it. Slap my friends if I’m wrong. How long have you been playing this game? I think most people won’t say archers are the most powerful role in this game. Well, I also believe most people don’t give a damn to archers. So they might not discover the value hidden within archers.

>> Having 2 archers bring bigger benefits – in my opinion – than not having them.
That’s eternal question I’m working on to find the answer. You saw me started this thread so you should know I’m hesitating to remove archers from my team. You can also probably guess I find something special in archers and that’s why I hesitated.

Though we have different opinions, I think you like archers quite a lot. So this can’t be wrong. You must the person I’m looking for. Welcome~

Incidentally, I’ve recruited a new brother and I intended to train him into a hybrid brother (melee + range skill). But this would take quite a while… 9500 exp…. O|¯|_