Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers

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I always wanted to ask this question after seeing so many people allocating heavy armor to their brothers. Do you really need that much armor? Were your armors almost broken at end of battle most of the time?

No. If the battle was an easy battle I probably wouldn’t even take any damage. Most of the time, some of the armor would get damaged, but no real health damage is sustained. However, there are the occasional tough fights. If you go into a tough fight without the best equipment you can field, you’ll lose brothers. What I’ve learned so far playing this game is that HP means nothing. Your brothers will die in 1-2 strikes to their HP, once their armor is gone. Therefore, to me, armor is health. If a brother runs out of armor, he’s dead, unless he gets very lucky and somehow survives with single digits of HP remaining. I also use brothers as “holding” troops sometimes. By that I mean, I tie down 2-3 enemies with one brother, who just sits there shieldwalling every turn. With good melee defense, a shield, and heavy armor, he can last a long time while other brothers focus down other creatures, then come and smash the held troops at once. Killing enemies in this way is a fantastic way to destroy morale. Good armor is absolutely imperative in this situation, obviously.