Reply To: Gameflow: How you end up playing?

Avatar photoAgravaine

Alright so I’m at around 100 days, been gradually replacing my mercs for better ones (almost all are hedge knight, sellsword, adventurous noble or with good extra traits) and I’ve replaced pretty much all my archers. They got the perk where they got extra bags and can switch weapons without penalty, but they almost always just use their billhooks since it works way better for them.

Got one dude with a greatsword, 3 billhooks, couple of military cleavers and the rest with fighting axes. Biggest fight so far: 4 armies of raiding orcs where going at it at a small town. I took some serious armor damage, had 80 hours before all equipment was in good order again, but no men lost. just form a shieldwall and do damage with your billhooks from behind the line and bring them down one by one. Going to try again now for a hard game, since this one is pretty much done.